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Clinic specifically for CCSVI « CCSVI Screening for Multiple Sclerosis

Clinic specifically for CCSVI


Based on a contributor comment on “An email response from Dr. Tomasz Ludyga’s office,” a clinic is opening in Warszawa, Poland specifically for the treatment of CCSVI.  The name of the clinic is AMEDS Centrum Sp. z o.o.

From the looks of it AMEDS Centrum will be offering full service medical tourism accommodations where they will pick patients up from the airport and take them to their hotel.

For more information, please visit their web site

7 comments to Clinic specifically for CCSVI

  • Mrs Usha Aswani

    My daughter Milan Aswani has M S and I am very keen for her to have CCSVI treatment. She is 40 yrs old and has speech and swallowing problems. Please help me. God Bless

  • doyelle

    Im young patient hurt by multiple sclerosis (29yo).

    I have heard about CCSVI and angioplasty procedure, im really interested in doing it and I know that some people go in poland to be treated.

    Could you please, if you can, forward on to me the necessary information’s to permit myself to come and undergo this procedure.

    I know you must have a lot of inquiry about this and many people already on your waiting list, anyhow I’ll wait.

    I hope hearing from you soon.

    Your faithfully,

  • admin

    If anyone needs more information, please click on the links in the above post. This site does not provide any service other than allowing people to share information on where they can find a doctor who will help them with CCSVI. All the information available for AMEDS Centrum is listed in the above post.

  • nina Karapetian

    Please help me – i need somewhere, any country, that does the liberation procedure
    (preferably not too far from England!)
    Thankyou in advance

  • I was listening to the lecture on youtube today -
    see – the CCSVI facebook page for the link

    Dr. Mark Haacke was showing examples and he mentioned my old mentor Dr. Salvatore Sclafani.

    If memory serves Sal is the chief of radiology at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn NY

    his address is 450 Clarkson Ave
    Brooklyn NY 11203

    I do not have his phone but I am sure you can call Kings County Hospital and get it

    Sal is a very talented interventional radiologist and I am sure you would do well to call him.

    As for the diagnostic part – I am a double fellowship trained neuroradiologist and body MRI specialist in Newark DE

    we have the CCSVI pulse sequences programmed into our scanner in Newark DE

    it is an 18 channel Espree – the worlds least claustrophobic 1.5T scanner.

    You can contact us at 1-302-838-7800

    Philip W Chao MD

  • I am fascinated with the idea of the liberation treatment to treat multiple sclerosis. From what data I can acquire about doctors that provide treatment, I can only find one nebulous list repeated on a dozen websites. Is there a more preferable way to find treatment, per say in North America. There are places that offer Liberation Treatment for the United States that no one knows about, such as Liberation Treatment Now

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